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We are a Samoan Company with a focus on creating and taking advantage of opportunities that we have been blessed with in and as Samoans. We hope to be the link between farmer & talent, to seller & opportunity for our Samoan community. We are based in Samoa with our Distribution Centre in Melbourne, Australia, delivered directly to your door.

Afio Mai ma tala mai aáo tatou fiafia I measina male manaia o Samoa.

We have started with Koko Samoa our natural drinking chocolate, but as a brand we stand for a blood that binds us, Samoan Blood. Koko Samoa

Become a member of what we want to achieve for $12 a month, and receive a Koko Samoa each month as well as deals and footage exclusive only to our members


I refuse to believe that my people are incapable of being our own liberators.

Koko n Co Ltd provides the opportunity for Samoans both back home & abroad to work together.

Samoa mo Samoa.

Jyro S Manu on why he supports Koko n Co